0.5~20mm ⅹ≤2m(thicknessⅹwidth)

Physical Properties: 

Density: 1.25~1.36g/cm³, Hardness: 60~70±5ShoreA,
Strength: 10~11MPA, Elongation: 300~400%

Product Features: 

Rubber waterproofing materials, with good technical data, rubber and fabric has 

high peel strength, high waterproof air tightness, excellent ageing resistance performance.


Stick to sealing joint for protection 

Surface process: 

Smooth surface, matte surface, fabric surface

Note: this application picture comes from the customer. 
Custom Manufacturing Series
Functional Rubber Sheet Series
Insulation Rubber Mat Series
Engineering Rubber Airbag Sheet Series
Colorized Rubber Sheet Series
Waterproof Rubber Roll Series