Special Rubber Sheet 

for the absorbent rubber strip of floor Scrubbers

Excellent flexibility  


Specification: 0.5~20mmⅹ≤2m(thicknessⅹwidth)

Physical Properties: 
NR RUBBER SHEET:Density:0.95~1.00g/cm3,Hardness:40~45ShoreA ,
Tensile strength:18~23.0MPA ,Elongation:600%;
OIL-PROOF RUBBER SHEET:Density:1.30~1.40g/cm3,Hardness:50~65ShoreA ,
Tensile strength:8~10MPA ,Elongation:480~600%;
(Above are the general range, can be customized)

Product Features: High elasticity, high air tightness, high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, oil proof, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It is an ideal choice for absorbent rubber strip of high quality floor scrubbers.

Application: Use for cutting into absorbent rubber strip of high quality floor scrubbers.  

Color: Normal color-red and black, can be customized various rubber color. 

Surface: Smooth surface, matte surface

Note: two types of absorbent rubber strip: 
Oil-proof and normal non-oil proof , it is better to choose the oil proof type when there is oil on 
the floor, and the hardness of the oil proof type is harder, withstand oil corrosion, but with poor 
abrasion resistance. 

Note: this application picture comes from the customer. 
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