Standard: 0.5~5mmⅹ≤2m(thicknessⅹwidth)

Physical Properties: Density: 1.2~1.60g/cm³, Hardness: 60~70±5ShoreA, Strength: 10~11MPA, 

Extension: 300~400%

Product Features: Manufacturing to be Inflatable Rubber Core Mold
Application: It can be processed into a pneumatic core mold - the  ideal choice to replace the original wood mold and steel mold. For instance, it saves materials, also can be molded into variable shapes, which tend to reduce the weight of building structure, create thin-hollow wall, and improve the condition that concrete has always used steel molds

Color: Normal color-black, also can be customized various rubber colors

Surface process: Smooth surface, matte surface, fabric surface



A cloth with two adhesivesMain material of manufacturing Inflatable Rubber Core Mold 


A cloth with three adhesives

Main material of manufacturing Inflatable Rubber Core Mold, more durable than M10101, some customers make mandrel rings by this material, convenient to drag and move mandrel


A cloth with one adhesivePaste to the angle butt on inner edge of Inflatable Rubber Core Mold, Increase the tensile strength of the angle butt on inner edge, to increase the life of the mandrel


Strip seal

Paste to the angle butt on inner edge of Inflatable Rubber Core Mold. Increase the seal on it, to prevent it from leaking

Note: this application picture comes from the customer. 
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