Professional experience in rubber products manufacturing for 18 years
Set up a specialized foreign trade team
Built high quality rubber products manufacturing base
Offer a variety of rubber products to meet customer demands


      NANJING NUMANCO NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD was established in 2014. It is located at No.92 Zijing Road Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing and has a construction area of 20,000 square meters.

       NANJING NUMANCO NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD is a professional rubber products manufacturer that focusing on R&D, production, sales and service of rubber products. Our company has already owned more than 50 sets of advanced production equipment, including the large-scale German drum vulcanizing machine, presently the most advanced rubber product production equipment in the world which is produced by Berstorff Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.--the largest rubber machinery Group in the world. NANJING NUMANCO has obtained several national patents and international certifications.

       NANJING NUMANCO takes the lead developing in the industry whether quality or process of all high-performance rubber products. Our main products are high-performance rubber products such as rubber airbag sheets, colored rubber sheets, flame-retardant flooring, and waterproof rubber rolls. Among those products, engineering rubber airbag sheets can be processed into a pneumatic core mold, which is the best choice to replace the original wood mold and steel mold and has unique advantages of any traditional steel molds. For instance, it not only saves materials, but can be molded into variable shapes, which tend to reduce the weight of building structure, create thin-hollow wall, and improve the condition that concrete has always used steel molds, has great market prospect.

       In the domestic market, our water-proof rubber rolls which appointed produced for the Hangzhou Guodian Dam Safety Engineering Co., Ltd of POWERCHINA, are greatly superior to the domestic peers in terms of property technical data, interlayer adhesion, and waterproof airtightness.

      In addition to the domestic market, our enterprise is also committed to the development of the international market. The currently researched product, flame-retardant rubber products are in conformity with European and American standards. NANJING NUMANCO is the designated partner of 3M company, Australia's RODEAR, CLARKRUBBER, and TOYOTA and other well-known foreign companies and got their trademark authorization. Several types of flame-retardant rubber car mats developed for TOYOTA have started mass production, and we look forward to participating in the development of more models of automotive rubber mats later.

       The foundation of NANJING NUMANCO are built upon professional rubber research institutes such as Shanghai Rubber Research Institute.  We have advanced production equipment with strong technical power, excellent service system and a sound marketing network, put effects on updating rubber technology and product. And NANJING NUMANCO also committed to product solutions and industry technical services, We will stay true to our minds and mission, continue to innovate service concepts, making NANJING NUMANCO become the global leading firm of rubber industry.